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“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dream’t of in your philosophy”



0478 544 212


50 minutes: $88

30 minutes: $55

Girl’s Weekends & Reading Nights

A fun way to go deep in a special shared experience with your girlfriends

Are you having a girl’s weekend away or ladies night? Want something a bit different that will be fun and transformative?

I can do readings for your group at your home, AirBnB or hotel

Everyone who wishes can get their own personal private reading or we can do a group psychometry readings…..everyone places a personal item eg. jewellery, keys in individual paper bags and I read for each person anonymously

Bookings in advance strongly advised.

Face to Face, Online or Telephone readings available

Recording or taking notes in the session is encouraged. Sometimes those more obvious or ‘glamorous’ insights will be retained as priority but the less obvious are still important and will resonate with some reflection later.

While timing mostly works, sometimes sessions go over or under a bit…. that’s in the hands of the other side.

Sole mama discount available