“Use the s*** in your life as fertiliser for the flower that you truly are”

Josie and Kenny

The Entire Universe is 
Made of Energy  

My intuitive gift manifests in the ability to read people’s energies.

Every human carries their own unique energies from their past, present and potential future (nothing is ever set in stone).  Like turning a radio dial to find a station, I tune in and pick up on my client’s individual energies which contain information. I transmit this information in a safe supportive space. 

Readings have been known to enhance and support client’s life journey by empowering them to understand what’s at play. Getting a reading can uncover or validate what is needed to heal or to move forward to live your best life. 

The best way to understand what a reading with me is about is to read through my unsolicited testimonials 


My name is Josie
I am the mother of two daughters
I am the daughter of Rosie
Granddaughter of Elsa & Elsie
Great granddaughter of Anna Helena, Rosabel, Angelica & Gina
Great great granddaughter of Anna Christina, Ellen, Carolina, Rebecca, & Giovanna.

My abilities have been handed down through both my paternal and maternal linage. My family line, like every family, was filled with both dysfunction and celebration and had some wise women who inspired me with their healing and clairvoyant powers including but not limited to the following:

My Nonna (Grandmother) was clairvoyant but it was a challenge growing up in a traditional Italian Catholic family. When she found the love of her life in my Nonno (Grandfather), the two families arranged a dinner to formally discuss the marriage. The story goes that as everyone sat around the large table her future father-in-law, whose reputation was that of cruelty, viciously denounced her as a witch because of her psychic abilities. This almost destroyed the engagement but their love survived. Although she never read professionally, her gift unfurled and she gave card readings to friends and family, becoming renowned for her accurate insights and predictions.

On the other side was my great great grandmother Rebecca who was bought out from Ireland as a teenager in 1875 to marry an alcoholic miner based in the wilds of New Zealand. Her husband after working away for a month would make the three day journey home via a gazillion drinking establishments, arriving without a cent to his name. To feed her eight children Rebecca became a lay midwife and healer for the local area. She travelled on horseback through dense bush to help women give birth and minister healing for people.

Besides my inspiring loving ancestors I am blessed to have had two beautiful teachers who recognised my abilities, encouraged and nurtured me and my gift. Thank you Lucy and Missi

  Accepting the Gift

It has been a journey to accept this gift of intuition for a couple of reasons …

Firstly the shadowy forces perpetrating the proliferation of suffering and attempting to suppress healing ways.  This has resulted in the discrediting of anything that cannot be proven by their pseudo science or approved by their manipulated societal values.   

They used tools like religion, patriarchy and capitalism to attempt the destruction, desecration, disappearance, disconnection and denial of sacred wisdom, our innate power and every human’s birthright, connection to the divine.

One specific act was the medieval church’s attempted annihilation and mass slaughter of female healers and those with the gift of clairvoyance. Today, like any woman with these powers, I have had to consciously counter and throw off the collective epigenetic trauma transmitted through generations, to truly appreciate, grow and share my skills.

For a while I also felt slightly conflicted by the projected notion that one needed to be an “enlightened” human to possess and share clairvoyant abilities. But this ambivalence around the juxtaposition of my psychic abilities and being a flawed human, has dissolved…. What matters as divine souls in human bodies, living on this messy beautiful planet, is that we just that need to keep doing the work to grow and evolve, to redeem failures and f*** ups, learn our lessons, heal our traumas, be kind, transform the shit into fertiliser and keep love our reason, meaning and way.

Knowing this is all we can do and continue to do until we pass over, is enough. 

So no pedestals around here…. plumber with their own leaky tap thing.

 Confidential & Compassionate

Nothing is from me… I am merely the messenger but my previous experience working in community service compliments the confidential sessions to provide a compassionate, safe and supportive space.

Besides being one of my foundational ethical practices: confidentiality is a given due to what I call ‘psychic amnesia”. I go into a bit of a zone to tap into the energy to channel your information. Sometimes I retain reflections but it comes through exclusively for you via me and nothing remains. 

Being able to channel information for people is a profound privilege for me and I apply care, humour and professionalism (think part life coach, part personal cheerleader, part counsellor, part bossy loving big sister) to each reading.

I have a deep sense of responsibility and joy in using my intuitive skills to support people to heal, grow and transform

and I do this is in an ethical and loving way.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.